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A letter from Beacon Business Bank chairman Denis J. Daly

As we enter the summer, I wanted to take a moment to talk about what has made Beacon Business Bank successful.  For us, the process revolves entirely around living up to our motto:  The Business Bank with the Personal Touch.


It is, in our minds, a straightforward commitment, working to create partnerships with our customers to help them achieve their own success. We offer a suite of products that is designed to make financial and funding services available to customers, with a minimum of bureaucracy and maximum of human interaction.  Put simply, we want to work with you. And if it’s more convenient, rather than asking you to take the time to come to our branch, we’ll go to your office to transact business.


I also understand that it’s easy to write nice things about ourselves. Realizing that, we have created several Case Studies that appear on this website (click here).  Rather than “testimonials” where we praise ourselves, these Case Studies are short vignettes and interviews with customers who talk about how we implement our “personal touch” approach and how we provide individualized attention to their needs.


What you might pick up is that our customers have chosen us for a variety of practical reasons and stay with us because we continue to deliver. Not just to sign up them up as new customers, but, more importantly, to keep them satisfied and to continue to provide innovative solutions for their needs.


All of us look forward to working with you as you pursue your financial goals.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or any of our staff at any time.  After all, we are “the business bank with the personal touch.”  Enjoy the summer.


Yours truly,


Denis J. Daly