Cash Management

When selecting a bank to support your company’s financial needs, you need a bank committed to both understanding your business goals and providing the most effective cash management tools that technology offers.

With a commitment to “high-touch” relationship banking – and a focus on the latest “high-tech” advances in imaging, remittance processing, and online banking services – Beacon Business Bank delivers solutions designed to optimize financial and operational efficiency for a variety of industries. Our relationship managers work closely with you to determine the solutions that best meet your specific business needs.

E-ACH (Online ACH Origination)

ACH Origination allows our business customers to create electronic payments and deposits. This service provides our customers with the ability to streamline their payment processing and collection of receivables by ACH. Help reduces the cost of manually preparing, mailing and reconciling paper checks, improves cash flow and funds availability.

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E-Wire (Online Wire Origination)

BEACON E-Wire Transfer services eliminate the need to visit a local branch office each time you need to initiate a wire transfer. We allow you to make sure, convenient wire transfers right from your office.

  • Each of your authorized company employees will have a unique ID and password to access the online system.
  • You establish the maximum dollar amount each employee is authorized to wire out
  • Initiate both domestic and international wires (USD) until 1:00p.m PST each business day for same-day processing
  • Receive wire confirmation via e-mail notification following approval of both incoming and outgoing wire transfer

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Remote Deposit Capture

Our Remote Deposit service allows our customers to scan checks at their location and securely transmitted to the Bank. This payment tool provides business customers with a convenient way to manage check collections at their location and eliminate branch visits to make deposits. Deposits can be created at any time and businesses can see their deposit post online as a memo post on the same business day.

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Merchant Service

For most businesses, accepting credit cards is an easy way to both increase sales and reduce the risk of collections. In partnership with a leading national card processor, Beacon Business Bank is proud to offer merchant card services at very competitive rates. So whether you are ready to start accepting credit cards or looking for better rates, give your local branch a call to get the process started.

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