Additional Services

Protect  •  Deposit  •  Deliver

Safe Deposit Boxes

Protect important documents and valuables that would be difficult or impossible to replace. Beacon Business Bank offers variety of box sizes that can accommodate just about any need. Please ask us about availability. Your annual rental fee is conveniently deducted from your checking or savings account. This service is only offered to our account customers.

Annual Rent:

3” x 5” $35
5” x 5” $45
3” x 10” $60
5” x 10” $80
10” x 10” $120

Key Deposit

Forced Entry
$25 + actual locksmith charges

Wire Transfers

Wire Transfer Service offers safe and convenient options that help make managing your money easier. We give you the flexibility to schedule both domestic and international wire transfers.

When you’re bringing money across from another country, transaction charges from international banks can take a big chunk out of your payments. Beacon Business Bank has teamed up with foreign exchange specialists Convera to bring you a better deal on fast, reliable payments from overseas. 

We accept incoming foreign currency wires, which are then converted to USD upon receipt.

Overdraft Protection

Protect your checking account from being overdrawn. Beacon Business Bank’s Overdraft Protection Plan helps protect your account from overdrafts and return items. The fees for the plan may be less expensive than the fees for overdrafts and returned items.

With Overdraft Protection Plan, you are saved from having purchases denied or checks returned for insufficient funds. We will link your personal checking account to a savings or another checking account, your choice. When there is an insufficient balance in your checking account to pay for an item, funds are automatically transferred from the other account to cover your purchases (provided there are funds available in the linked account). We charge $5.00 for each transfer.

Each transfer counts as one of the six limited transactions you are allowed each statement cycle from your savings account.