VISA Purchase Alerts

Ease  •  Simplicity  •  Convenience.

Visa® Purchase Alerts, cardholders can sign up on With free Visa® Purchase Alerts1 from Beacon Business Bank, receive near real-time alert notifications2 on select signature-based purchases made with your Beacon Business Bank® Visa debit card. Monitor your account activity from wherever you are and quickly notify the bank of anything suspicious.

Select from available criteria and decide what activity you want to receive alerts on. Plus, choose how to receive Purchase Alerts—as text messages (SMS) and/or as email messages.

Available Criteria for Purchase Alerts Notifications

The following alerts are available:
  • Threshold transaction: An alert is sent if a purchase amount is greater than a preset dollar amount.
  • Card-not-present transaction: An alert is sent if a purchase is made without having to physically present the card at the point of sale, such as when a purchase is made online or by telephone.
  • International transaction: An alert is sent if a purchase is made outside the country that issued the Visa® card.
  • Declined transaction: An alert is sent when the bank or Visa on behalf of a bank declines a transaction for any reason.
  • Gasoline transaction: An alert is sent if a purchase is made at a gas station (i.e. fuel, car wash).  

Enrolling is easy. Simply follow the VISA® online instructions.

Important Details

1Must be enrolled in Online Banking to enroll in Purchase Alerts. A qualified transaction is any transaction routed through VisaNet, including Interlink and Plus. PIN-based debit card transactions are not eligible to receive alerts. Messages and data rates from your wireless provider may apply. Check with your wireless carrier provided. Signature based SMS text and e-mail Card Purchase alerts will be sent directly from the VISA® network.

2Actual time to receive alert is dependent on wireless service and coverage within area. Alert service may not be available in all areas. Gasoline alerts may not include purchase amount. Account activity qualifying for Alert service may vary by issuer. Additional restrictions apply.

3Card Purchase Alerts do not transfer when you report you card lost/stolen. If you have a lost or stolen card, sign into Online Banking and register for alerts on your new card. At that time you may also choose to delete alerts on your lost card.